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Timothy Mangan

“The Kahuna” at his own company, TMurgent Technologies, Tim is recognized as a 15 year MVP by Microsoft and over 10 years as a ”CTP Fellow” by Citrix.
As the guy who brought Application Virtualization to your vocabulary he built the original version of what you know of as App-V today, and has been eyebrow deep into MSIX since even before it was announced by Microsoft.
Author of books, including MSIX Fundamentals for IT Pros and the upcoming Developer’s Guide to MSIX, his company is well known both for their tools for IT Pros and their world renowned training classes.

You can follow him on Twitter (@TimothyMangan), check out his personal blog.

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Information on the class and ability to register for this classes Location of training: PDS b.v, Culemborg NL.


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