Walter Tavernarakis

Walter Tavernarakis

Walter Tavernarakis is a Senior Consultant and Technical Trainer at Professional Development Systems. Walter has in-depth knowledge on application packaging technologies, including Windows Installer, Wise Packaging Studio, InstallShield, AdminStudio and Raypack. He is the co-author of the global certification program and certifies application package engineers in Benelux through to become certified package engineer in AdminStudio or RayPack.
Past few years his focus has been on automation (VbScript, Powershell) and virtualization with App-V. Loves to teach, but makes his students work for their knowledge: Don’t read the manual: become the manual!

Walter teaches RayPack, AdminStudio, InstallShield training classes since 2006 and is the instructor of  Powershell Essentials for Repackagers and IT Pro's training class at PDS. Snippits of this class are demonstrated during his session at AME2015.

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