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Infopulse is a trusted European provider of Software Engineering, IT Operations, Cyber Security, and Application Packaging services. The company produces next-generation software for application packaging and virtualization and operates one of the biggest packaging teams in Europe since 2005.

 The company’s in-depth experience in application packaging accumulated since 2005 resulted in the following solutions:
•PACE Suite, the software for app packaging engineers and system administrators. First time presented at Packaging Event 2012, it has become an effective replacement for complex, bulky packaging tools.
•P-CUBE (Packaging Process Portal), a web-based workflow solution that enables packaging teams to control the entire process of application discovery, packaging, testing, and deployment in real time.
•Application Packaging Self-Service (APS), an innovative cloud solution that provides smart application packaging, testing, and documentation and is increasing the efficiency of existing packaging teams.
•Smart Update, a catalog of the top 100 most often used applications that are monitored by the Infopulse experts for new versions and are packaged in MSI, sequenced in App-V format, and tested for deployment.

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Liquit is a Software development company based in the Netherlands. Our software solutions are designed to give the IT department easier ways to deliver IT resources to the end-users. Liquit Workspace combines Workspace Management, Automation and Service Catalog functionality. 

Liquit offers IT departments the ability to smoothly revolutionize the way they offer IT resources to employees.  IT departments can easily create their own corporate Enterprise IT-Catalog. Liquit empowers IT departments to deliver all IT resources through one single URL. End-users will find all IT resources needed through one single URL. The Liquit Workspace content will dynamically adjust based on the role, type of device and location of the end-user. 

The Liquit Workspace brings together all IT resources into a personalised Workspace per employee, eliminating the need for employees to search on several places to find the IT resources needed. Requesting new applications or other resources can be done in a self service manner through the Liquit Catalog.

The built in Workspace Management capabilities will give IT administrators the ability to manage workspaces remotely.

But is doesn't stop there. Liquit will not only give IT departments more control over the managed devices but Liquit Automation also provides IT administrators the tools to automate daily management tasks for desktop and servers.


Provolve IT

Provolve IT helps companies repackage, virtualize, migrate and deploy their critical business applications to the latest systems and methods. We achieve this by consulting on premise, providing skilled professionals on a temporary basis and creating software tools and systems to aid in this process.

Provolve IT developed Easy Software Deployment a fast, powerful and easy to use software deployment product for small to medium sized business.

We would like to invite you to come by our stand and experience Easy Software Deployment for yourself! For more information visit

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