Each AppManagEvent, we are looking for a lottery item which is

  1. not too big (should fit in a suitecase when traveling)
  2. falls into the category "nice-but-it's-rather-expensive-and-I-am-not-sure-if-I-would-spend-my-carefull-saved-money-on-this"
  3. is preferably a tech gadget
  4. is family friendly
  5. has strong wannahave vibe

It may be new/revolutionairy but does not have to be. In the past we had the Sonos Move, the Nintendo WII, Raspberry Pi's, one of the first drones, in 2021 the DJI Mavic Mini2 Drone, in 2022 two Duo Packs of the Sonos Roam and in 2023 the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro. 

Two (2) of the attendees have a chance to win at the lottery after the closing keynote. The odds ARE in your favor -- think about this:
  • Only attendees (no partners or speakers) qualify to join the lottery after getting a few stamps from AME partners on the exhibition floor during the day
  • Despite the coolness of the gadget: not all attendees make it on time. Typically between 150 and 250 potential winners and 2 prices: that's a REAL chance of walking away with a cool gadget at the end of a fantastic day

May2024 update: we managed to select another cool gadget which we have not had before and .... meets above five objectives. Stay tuned 😎 for more details on this page later in 2024

Join us & good luck!

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