Software License Optimization

Software License Optimization / Software Asset Management relies upon accurate software usage metering of the installed software products. By identifying whether software packages are being used, and feeding that information back into the procurement cycle, Software License Optimization enable procurement professionals to make informed decisions about the follow-on purchase requirements for existing products.

As organizations grow the demand for more software licenses (on hybrid platforms / environments) seems to grow to faster. This anomaly is largely due to software licensing occurring for packages that are already licensed but unused within the organization. It is a complex process to harvest and recycle unused licenses, as many individuals refuse to acknowledge that they do not need the license allocated to them.
Software License Optimization automates the determination of how often a particular application is being used, and to what extent, enabling IT to make accurate decisions that can reduce IT software costs / avoid license overspend and compliancy risks.

Sessions at AppManagEvent will touch on this subject and some will explore more detail on SLO / SAM. Please consult the speaker abstracts to learn more.

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