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The VMware User Group (VMUG) program is designed to stimulate the community of VMware users and support, which we hold regular meetings in the Netherlands and EMEA. VMware User Groups are an independent community of VMware users, with the objective to create a platform where users of VMware can share best practices and expertise and where VMware can get its feedback from the community to improve products.


In 2012 the Dutch PowerShell User Group was founded by Jeff Wouters. He found other Dutch PowerShell enthousiasts (John van Leeuwen, Hans Oele) and together they are the driving force behind DuPSUG.
The variety of these focus areas enables for a wide scope in which PowerShell can be applied, as is shown in the blog posts, the forum and possibly some future events.

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The Windows Management User Group Netherlands provides a platform for anyone who wants to share their knowledge with fellow colleagues & members. This can be organized by giving presentations or simply which periodically by attending sessions. The events of the Windows Management User Group Netherlands are driven 100% community.

 Dutch Citrix User Group


Founded by seven enthousiastic Citrix professional in Oktober 2011, the Dutch Citrix User Group is the central platform to exchanges idea's and knowledge based on Citrix, virtualisation and VDI.


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The KNVI is an organisation that helps ICT and information Professionals, Students and Employers in keeping their employees up-to-date with changes in their sector. There are multiple monthly seminars available in this respect. Members also receive a Technical Journal and specialised discounts.

The KNVI (Royal Dutch Society for Information Professionals) is merging of the following societies: professional association KNVI, Ngi-NGN and SOD, and from 1 January 2017 in the Netherlands for Information Management, Information Technology and Information Facility.

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