White is the new Black - Sami Laiho

In 2017 the big malware vendors found 1 million new malware samples per day. There is no way you can fight against threats in the old way of using blacklisting or other reactive measures like 1st generation anti-malware. In the earlier years I have tried to convince my customers that they should use whitelisting but many hate it because of bad experiences back in the early 21st century.

Now for 2018 Gartner says that whitelisting is _the most_ important security feature to deploy and for example NATO requires it for Windows 10 devices that operate with their networks. Nowadays I’m happy as I don’t have to convince my customers anymore, I just go in and deploy !

I still face a few mindsets that are very common:

  • First, people tell me they are too lazy to deploy whitelisting because whenever you deploy a new program you need to tweak the list. 
  • Second, people tell me that Whitelisting doesn’t work well against admins.
  • Third, people tell me they can’t do it because they don’t have the Enterprise version of Windows.

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  Sami Laiho

Speaker: Sami Laiho

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