The Future of Applications - Tim Mangan

Microsoft has some very ambitious plans to change the way that windows applications are built, delivered, customized, and consumed.  While plans were announced for MSIX this year, it will be quite some time before the technologies for it are fully built out.

MSIX has the promise of replacing the MSI format as a delivery vehicle for the software vendor.  Completely new tooling to customize the delivered software will need to be built by the tooling vendors in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem. With its own containerized runtime environment, it also has the potential to replace the current Configuration Manager, Application Virtualization, Application Layering, and User Environment Management data roaming products.  All, importantly, without requiring the software vendors to rewrite their code.

But Microsoft has provided little details about what exactly will be supported and how the customization will work, except at a very high level.  There is little doubt that MSIX will be the most disruptive technology for applications since Application Virtualization, but there are NO guarantees about the level of success that Microsoft will have with it.

In this session, Tim Mangan (the Godfather of App-V) will explain what MSIX is and why it is so important.  He will also share some of his insights in working with early versions of MSIX and offer predictions on how far it will go and what to be looking for in the upcoming year that will provide indicators of success or failure. Ultimately, he will explain why you need to pay attention to MSIX, and why you should not let it affect your current plans to deploy applications.


Speaker: Tim Mangan

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