The Enterprise Journey to Cloud - Remko Weijnen & Niek Boevink

Cloud is the future and everybody talks about digital transformation, both are continuous trending topics on social media. While generation Z are cloud natives and startups choose to use only SAAS apps, reality for most Enterprises is legacy Windows applications.

Even if you would migrate 1 legacy application to the cloud per month, 50 applications would still take you more than 4 years. Meanwhile legacy applications and the required platforms for them are easy targets for malware and attackers.

In this session we will talk about the struggle during the digital transformation process and the road to the cloud. We will give you tips and show solutions that simplify this journey and make it easier to migrate to newer versions of Applications, Operating System, Internet browser or the Public of Private cloud

Technical level: 200

Speakers: Remko Weijnen  Remko Weijnen Niek Boevink Niek Boevink

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