Look Under The Hood: Bypassing Antimalware Tactics and Infrastructure Response Methods - Paula Januszkiewicz

Antivirus is dead! Long live the antivirus! In the proverbial cat-and-mouse game of cybersecurity neither the attacker nor the defender can maintain their advantage for very long. But the bad guys don’t exactly take this challenge – they rather respond with their own bypass ideas. Which is to say, during this intensive session we will strive to understand, if antivirus is really dead and if it has reached the status where it should not be the only protection used.

Paula, renowned security expert, will demonstrate techniques of bypassing the antivirus mechanisms and show tactics used today by malware that allow it to run and what are the prevention methods to avoid being attacked by the newest innovations! Bring some coffee before attending!

Technical Level: 300

Speaker: Paula Januszkiewicz   Paula Januszkiewicz

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