Inside Detours and the Package Support Framework- by Tim Mangan

Microsoft makes Detours and the Package Support Framework (PSF) available as an open source project supported by the community. They make it possible to alter the behavior of traditional Win32/DotNet applications without requiring access to application source code. Microsoft uses Detours for both App-V and UEV, and the pairing of Detours with the PSF make it possible to get some traditional apps to work inside MSIX containers.

In this session, Tim Mangan will explain how these tools work and how you can use them to remediate application behaviors.

Tim Mangan is the owner of TMurgent Technologies and a contributor to the PSF. Best known for his Master’s Level Training courses in App-V and MSIX, he is a long-time Microsoft MVP and Citrix CTP Fellow. 

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Speaker: Tim Mangan 

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