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Marcin Otorowski

Marcin Otorowski is Deputy Team Leader Development.He studied Mechatronics and has a Masters in Computer Science. His career in development started in 2005, when he worked as freelancer UI designer / programmer, specializing in web-based development and data integration. He has also a strong packaging experience, first for his private projects and then as a consultant and certified trainer for Raynet.

Working in many medium- and big size packaging projects let him understand challenges and issues packagers and managers have to face in order to meet the high-quality requirements within dedicated time. Being a passionate about new technologies and designs, he developed the distinctive style of RaySuite applications and is currently the desktop UI/UX visionary within Raynet.

As one of the lead Packaging Suite developers, he implemented solutions that solve complex problems leveraging simplicity and modern user experience designs. Marcin is also the lead of the Packaging Suite project.

Join my session: Citrix App Layering –Packaging and modern Client Management enhanced by RayPack Studio


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