Citrix App Layering –Packaging and modern Client Management enhanced by RayPack Studio- by Marcin Otorowski 

One of the important concepts for a modern client management solution is the separation of concerns. Maintenance of golden images and the dynamic installation of policies or task-sequences is a tedious and error-prone task. Solutions utilizing a layering approach (for example Citrix App Layering, but also other concepts) are becoming popular, as they can truly separate apps from the system and environment. This again makes the initial experience, but also the continuous maintenance easier and more predictable.

Layering by itself solves several problems and challenges, which are otherwise difficult to solve properly. But it also comes along with its own mindsets and peculiarities, which require different approaches.

RayPack Studio is a mature product which has for years been supporting different packaging techniques: From classic repackaging, through MSI over to App-V and other virtualization techniques (Thin-App, SWV). Recently, it has been opened to take new directions (including MSIX) and is now gearing toward layering solutions.

During this session, our Program Manager Marcin Otorowski will discuss some challenges and solutions connected to this subject, which Raynet identified during implementations of applications and OS layering with Citrix products. Specifically, the upcoming roadmap of product updates targeted towards various layering-based solutions will be demonstrated and discussed.

  Sharla Akers   

Speaker: Marcin Otorowski 

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