Closing Keynote: State of the Industry 2019 - by Tim Mangan

A look at where we are now in Packaging and Deployments for Windows Applications.

For the last couple of years most enterprises have been focused more on operationalizing Windows 10 than worrying about the applications. We see attempts, by Microsoft, to modernize the apps but where are we on that? We also have new platform offerings like Windows EMS that attempt to bridge the gap between the desktop OS and RDS. We also have vendors trying to change the concept of the Desktop itself into what they are calling the Workspace.

For our closing keynote, Tim Mangan will lead us through these new developments, share his insights on what works and what to be aware of, and possibly most importantly, explain why Packaging isn’t a cost but a value to your organization.

Tim Mangan is the owner of TMurgent Technologies and a contributor to the PSF. Best known for his Master’s Level Training courses in App-V and MSIX, he is a long-time Microsoft MVP and Citrix CTP Fellow. 

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Speaker: Tim Mangan 

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