Identity, the solid base for your organization’s future- by Sander Berkouwer

Recent IT disasters have proven that there’s no such thing as a safe network. Firewalls continue to lose their value. Munchhausen by proxy has got a whole new meaning. However, a new perimeter has arisen, focusing on the individuals in your organization and their behavior, but with extensive auditing and near-real time mitigating measures: Identity.

Frowned upon as mere ‘accounts’ in the old days, identity, and most importantly, hybrid identity with both Active Directory and Azure AD, offers all the richness needed to meet today’s needs head-on; One solution for cloud and on-premises? Off course. Multi-factor authentication? Built-in. Access based on device health and location? No problem. Attribute-based access control? Solved. Automated and delegated access reviews? Done. Self-service problem solving? Yes, shift left with confidence.

As tenfold MVP, Sander Berkouwer knows everything there is to know about identity. His experience with numerous organizations, ranging from enterprises to small business, allows you to throw your real-world problems at him. He'll show you how identity enriches the experiences you, your colleagues and your customers have and how to get there.

  Sharla Akers   

Speaker: Sander Berkouwer

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