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Frank Wils

Frank Wils senior engineer with 25 years of technical and practical knowledge / experience, his IT career started in 1995 at the Chamber of Koo phandel in Utrecht. As system administrator responsible for the management of the multi platform server environment. Ranging from IBM AS400 to Windows and Novell environments.
Then, before joining Axle- iT, he worked at various organizations , as a senior IT consultant and system administrator.

Now working as a Tech lead / consultant and responsible for the technical department within Axle -IT. If Endpoint Ma nagement and security specialist, h ELPT Frank organizations Ivanti Endpoint Management and Endpoint Security as efficiently and effectively as possible . To inventory / report the available hardware and software with the help of the software from Ivanti (formerly LANDESK) .

Frank's involvement with the Ivanti user & technical community has ensured that he received the title of Ivanti Most Valuable Person for five years in a row .
With his practical experience, Frank knows how to position and manage the Ivanti solutions . For example, he regularly provides challenging implementations for clients, in addition to his technical pre-sales activities.s.

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