Authentication 2023: What Logging In Will Look Like 5 Years From Now - by Marcin Majchrzak 

Passwords are passé. Two-factor is cumbersome and unwieldy. The bad guys are relentless and cunning. Yet, the future of authentication has never looked brighter. With new advances in biometrics, behavioral, risk-based technology and AI, organizations are turning back the tide of breaches. In this session, IAM and biometric identity expert Marcin Majchrzak looks at what authentication security looks like in the year 2023.

How the act of merely approaching your PC will provide all the necessary behavioral, location and biometric data needed to successful authenticate you. The trend toward more convenient, frictionless methods will continue to its logical conclusion, but it’s important for you to know how to get ready for this identity sea change.

   Marcin Majchrzak V1

Speaker: Marcin Majchrzak 

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