Modernize app deployment with MSIX - Microsoft - by Matteo Pagani and Sharla Akers

MSIX is a significant step forward in enabling enterprises to modernize their app deployment processes and stay current with Windows and app management. It provides an enterprise-class installer with benefits for line of business (LOB) apps and distribution within your enterprise using your own servers, Systems Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Intune, or the Microsoft Store for Business. MSIX brings the best of MSI, ClickOnce, Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), and .appx together for your customers and business. Advanced features of MSIX allow you to take advantage of the ability to separate out your enterprise customizations. See how to customize your apps without needing to repackage, allowing you to update and deploy faster in your enterprise.

Use the MSIX Packaging Tool to convert your applications. You can also use the command line interface to easily automate the update of your existing installer to MSIX.
We will also touch on some road map items, what you can do in the next year, and how your enterprise can move forward with MSIX. 

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Speakers: Matteo Pagani                                   Sharla Akers 

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