Meeting the Privilege Account Challenge: Security vs Productivity - by Tom Scase

With the number of privileged accounts growing exponentially and huge number of attacks stemming from stolen and weak passwords, organisations need to quickly identify and secure all their privileged credentials. However, additional security is often seen as the enemy of efficiency as it introduces barriers which can slow down working practices.

This session will show how to protect critical systems and also improve efficiencies. Attendees will learn how controlling the access to systems as well as identifying and managing all privileged accounts, allows for the effective automation of workflows to quickly allow people access to the systems they need, securely.

Reasons to attend:
• Hear why privileged credentials are the ‘crown jewels’ for cyber criminals and how easily they can be compromised
• Discover how to take control of ‘Privilege Sprawl’ and identify and manage all of your privileged credentials across your organisation
• Understand how managing system access as well as accounts allows for workflow automation
• Learn how to improve security without impacting productivity.

   Tom Scase 

Speaker: Tom Scase

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