How to Automate the Application Packaging Process - by Bob Kelly & Kiran Mantagi

Wouldn’t it be great to just run a script that would take a setup file through the packaging and deployment process from end to end? That would save you time, money and frustration but it seems well out of reach for many.

Bob Kelly and Kiran Mantagi will take you through the steps to automate the entire Application Readiness process. And best of all, the scripts necessary will be provided so that very little understanding of PowerShell is necessary to leverage the examples shared. Steps to be automated include determining if an application should be repackaged or wrapped, confirming OS compatibility, confirming suitability for application virtualization (converting good candidates automatically) and even staging finished packages for deployment in popular distribution systems like SCCM, Altiris and VMWare Workspace One.

   Bob Kelly     Kiran Mantagi

Speaker: Bob Kelly                          Speaker: Kiran Mantagi

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