Get 8 years of headstart on MSIX and Azure Migrate - by Priya Saxena

Application compatibility is and has always been a top concern of IT professionals as they contemplate their Windows 10 or Azure application migration plans. Enterprises operating with hybrid IT environments are managing a complex web of technology and infrastructure. Placing those applications where they don’t buckle under pressure is vital for the business to meet market demands. All workloads are different and each has its own set of business requirements and benefits and this is where Cloudhouse MSIX Enterprise Edition comes in place, enabling customers to modernize the behaviour of existing applications so that they take advantage of the latest best practices for Windows applications.

Microsoft has introduced MSIX Package Support Framework to address app compatibility issues. While MSIX PSF is still in its budding phase, Cloudhouse has been a pioneer in migrating legacy apps for the last 8 years. Cloudhouse MSIX Enterprise Edition builds on Microsoft’s MSIX foundation and leverages Cloudhouse’s 8 years of expertise on providing support for and the capability to modernise all applications from Windows XP/Server 2003 onwards up to, including Windows 10/Server 2016. Come meet, Priya Saxena, as will share more insights working with enterprises in their early stages of adopting and considering MSIX, and offer a solution to give your business 8 years of headstart in this tech!

In this session you will:
• Learn how Cloudhouse MSIX Enterprise Edition gives your business 8 years of headstart on MSIX
• Learn how MSIX is influencing your application and deployment migration projects
• Learn how it will impact your current deployments, in images, layers, and App-V.

   Priya Saxena 

Speaker: Priya Saxena

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