Modern Packaging with right tooling on Windows 10 RS5 powered by RayPack Studio - by Marcin Otorowski - Raynet

One of the most important changes in the upcoming Windows 10 Feature Update (Codename RS5) is the support for MSIX - an enhanced installation framework, which combines architectural and security features from APPX with enterprise features known from the well-established MSI ecosystem. MSIX solves many issues packagers and administrators experience on daily basis, but its architecture, limitations and overall approach may be unfamiliar to those having experience with now-legacy technologies.

The tooling support is a key factor which is going to determine the adoption pace of the new format amongst both packagers and software developers. Standard toolset does not cover everything, and the documentation is limited, which means that producing and converting packages without extra tools may be a challenge.

Raynet has been working closely with Microsoft to drive the change and ensure you can continue to use favorite packaging tools ready to work with the newest standards.

In this session our Product Manager shows on real-world examples how to move from a legacy installation to modern MSIX-based package and discusses potential challenges, pitfalls and solutions to most common issues. These are possible with the newest update to the product bundle RayPack Studio – the upcoming 6.0 release and its features to be revealed during AppManagEvent 2018.

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Speaker: Marcin Otorowski

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