Attacks of the Industry: A View of the Future of Cybersecurity - Paula Januszkiewicz

Are there any attacks that are effective, reliable and almost always work? Of course!

Even though an organization manages well the infrastructure, patches are regularly installed, network is monitored – there are attacks that are still working perfectly as it is really a matter of misconfiguration rather than serious security vulnerability. Could cloud technologies help it? Are Office 365, Azure, Amazon Web Services etc. secure? How to measure it? Is it worth to move some of the services to the cloud and mitigate the risk of breach?

The problem is that some infrastructure mechanisms relay on type of communication used within the attacks and they use it for the normal communication: single sign-on authentication, service accounts, network sharing etc. and in vast majority of organizations that can be leveraged! Join Paula during this keynote to become familiar what are the biggest mistakes in infrastructure security that from the attacker perspective can be pretty much always exploited and leave the conference with suggestions & ideas how to reach the next level of security in your workspaces.

Technical Level: 300


Speaker: Paula Januszkiewicz  

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