While attending & speaking at AppManagEvent 2018, the Cqure team with Paula delivered a content-packed 2-day training on October 10&11 @ PDS.
You can join this for 1395 EUR including free access to AME 2018 on October 12.


Topics covered in this training help you to walk in hacker's shoes and evaluate your network from their point of view.

We will dive into security operations: vulnerability management, anomalies detection, discovery of industry attacks and threats, understanding how compromised system or solution looks like, defining the indicators of the attack, incident handling also daily servicing on SIEM platform. We will also walk through the advanced access rights, password mechanisms, windows internals, PowerShell usage for security purposes, gaining unauthorized access, advanced DNS configuration and common configuration mistakes, forensics techniques, Active Directory security, IIS Security, debugging, advanced monitoring and troubleshooting and much more!

Be careful – this workshop is designed for IT and Security professionals who want to take their skills and knowledge to the next level. After this workshop you will be familiar with hacker techniques, which can be useful to protect yourself against. A 2-day training with demos, 300+ pages material, pragmatic, reasonable and smart explanations from one of the leading global security experts with access to the Windows source code: Paula Januszkiewicz.

Secure your seat NOW! More information and online register at:
- Hacking and Securing Windows Infrastructure with Windows Forensic
(Wednesday October 10 & Thursday October 11)

Location of training: PDS b.v, Culemborg NL.

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