Niek Boevink

Niek Boevink  

Niek Boevink is a IT Architect at ITON, a Dutch company with a strong focus on application delivery and a long history in implementing Citrix and Microsoft products. ThisThis strong focus has meant that ITON has the Citrix Platinum status for a sustained period. We were early adopters of products like HDX3d, XenServer, Provisioning and APPDNA.

Niek has over 16 years’ experience in the design, implementation and quality control of SBC and VDI projects. In his role as IT Architect at ITON het carries out the trusted advisor role and aforementioned tasks as well as providing technical leadership and knowledge sessions to colleagues.

Additionally, he regularly give Citrix product based presentations and sessions at events in The Netherlands, such as for the Dutch Citrix Users Group, but also to the ITON internal organization and at ITON customer seminars and pre-sales events.

He also serves as a member of the Citrix Partner Technical Council (PTEC) and since 2015 he is a proudly member of the Steering Group of the Dutch Citrix User Group (DUCUG). 

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