Sami Laiho 

Sami Laiho

Sami Laiho is one of the world's leading professionals in the Windows OS. Sami has been working with and teaching OS troubleshooting, management and security for more than 15 years. Sami's session was evaluated as the best session and Sami as the best speaker in Ignite 2014, TechEd North America 2014 and in TechEd Australia 2013. Sami's session in TechEd Europe 2013 was evaluated as the best session by an external speaker. Since then he won many awards and prices; Ignite 2015 gave Sami a # 2 best speaker trophy. He was voted as best speaker at the Nordic IT Conference (NIC) in 2017 

Sami is also globally known as the creator of a free SteadyState replacement called Wioski ( and a One-time Admin password creator called Adminizer ( and teaches his "Troubleshooting the Windows OS" and "Windows Internals" training classes to a 400+ expertise level around the world. 

His 2018 classes in the Benelux region: 

- TroubleShooting the Windows OS  
- October:   Monday 8 - Thursday 11

- Advanced TroubleShooting the Windows OS  

- July: Monday 2 - Thursday 5

Information on the class and ability to register for this classes 

Location of training: PDS b.v, Culemborg NL.



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