Foto Mitchell Lachman

Mitchell Lachman – Founder and Main Developer of “Package on demand” and Product Director of WiNC Solutions B.V.

Mitchell helped many companies implementing application management solutions and also brought the idea of changing the packaging world to the next level. Mitchell started to follow a Software Engineering study to bring ideas into reality. With this, he created a unique platform which allows companies to download App-V’s and MSI’s right from the store and monitor software package requests using a development method called Agile (SCRUM).

He started as a Technical Advisor for the Dutch Government and implemented several self-designed solutions as we know today as the “Fincloud”. This innovation has reached a new level of paperless working inside the Dutch Government. His next assignment was to help another big entertainment company to migrate their whole infrastructure to the new App-V 5.0. With his team, he was one of the first that successfully implemented an App-V 5.0 infrastructure and assigned several bugs in the App-V platform to create a better virtualization as we know it today.

In 2013, he started WiNC Solutions B.V. with the ambition to really change the world of IT, and create more improvements with the goal to simplify IT for the end-users.

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