Bob Kelly

Bob Kelly - Chief Product Manager 
A product management leader with a strong agile background, Bob began his distinguished career in IT authoring several books, papers and guides for companies like Microsoft and InstallShield as well as for major publishers like Wiley.

After four years serving in the US Navy Bob was specially selected to a position at the White House Communications Agency. There, he served an additional four years where he had several responsibilities including lead for VP travel, driving and operating the communications vehicle in motorcades and control of classified codes and keys (aka the "football"). When not traveling, Bob was responsible for the White House's secure communications systems on call 24 hours a day.

Bob created AppDeploy in 1999 as an online community, which became a popular resource helping half a million people each month in matters related to systems management. AppDeploy was acquired by KACE in 2007 and for four years continued to be developed, managed and maintained by Bob alone. After acquisition by Dell, Bob secured budget and staff to recreate and expand AppDeploy in order to establish what is now ITNinja. In his role as product owner, Bob maintained a large backlog of hundreds of stories and bugs while continuing to serve as moderator and generating technical materials for the community.

Bob is a speaker at a number of technical events and was a three-time recipient of Microsoft's MVP award. He has since moved positions from within Dell from Sr. Product Manager to Director, to Vice President of product management for Dell Software's Endpoint Systems Management group.

Specialties: Windows Installer, Windows administration, application and operating system deployment, scripting, marketing, product management, scrum, online communities

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