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We are pleased & honored to share our keynote speaker for AppManagEvent 2016: Paula Januszkiewicz
Paula is the world renowned IT Security Consultant and Penetration Tester, Enterprise Security MVP and trainer (MCT) and Microsoft Security Trusted Advisor. Plus a multi-awarded speaker (see below).

Paula Januszkiewicz is the Founder and CEO of CQURE. She is having a deep belief that high quality and positive thinking are key to success. In CQURE she devoted herself to her passion: Security Consulting – both for Management and IT Engineers, Penetration Tests, Architecture Consulting, Trainings (Authored), Seminars. She did hundreds of security projects, including those for governmental organizations.
She is also is also a top speaker at many well- known conferences including Microsoft Ignite (she was rated No 1 Speaker among 1100 other Speakers), TechEd North America, TechEd Europe, TechEd Middle East, RSA, TechDays, CyberCrime, etc., and is often rated as number- one speaker.

Paula is engaged as a keynote speaker for security related events and she writes articles on Windows Security. She holds multiple Microsoft certifications, besides being familiar with and possessing certifications in other related technologies. Paula is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. In private, she enjoys researching new technologies, which she converts to authored trainings. She has access to a source code of Windows..
Every year she makes over 200 flights each year to gain more and more experience, provides security consulting for top-100 companies and delivers penetration tests. Paula is a type that suffers when doing nothing, you can always expect some thoughtful ideas and interesting arguments.

Attention: a UNIQUE opportunity: as part of her trip to Netherlands in October, Paula will host a unique one time pre-con training class around Hardening & Hacking the Windows Infrastructure to help you make your environment secure, robust and maintain it that way.

The hands-on training will take place on Monday October 3 & Tuesday October 4.  Information on the class and ability to register for this class can be found here.
AME2016 precon training

Secure your seat now. Limited seating (really (!): 12). First come first serve.

Location of training: PDS b.v, Culemborg NL.


Last and interesting conference engagements with total number of people that saw sessions:

SecurityIntersection, 2015, Monterey, CA, USA – The Featured Speaker
CyberDay 2015, Ohio – The Key Speaker
HackerFest Praga 2015 – The Best Speaker
Microsoft Techdays Sweden 2015 – The Best Speaker
Hacker Halted 2015, Atlanta Keynote Speaker
Microsoft Ignite 2015, Chicago – The Best Speaker!
ExpertDay 2015, Zurich – Keynote Speaker
TechFuse 2015, Minnesota -  Keynote Speaker also the Best Speaker
Microsoft Technology Summit – Keynote Speaker, Special Guest
IT Camp 2015 – Keynote Speaker
UTMessan 2015, Iceland – session saw ~500 people – The Best Speaker
Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2015 – each session saw ~500 people – top 3 speakers
Management Summit 2014 – Minnesota – session saw ~50 people – The Best Speaker
Microsoft TechNet Conference 2014 – each session saw ~400 people – The Best Speaker
Microsoft Summit 2014 in Romania – each session saw ~200 people – The Best Speaker
Hacker Halted 2014 – Atlanta – keynote for 600 people
Hackerfest 2014 – Prague – each session saw ~600 people – The Best Speaker + Finalizing Keynote
TechEd 2014 Europe – each session saw ~2000 people (4 sessions) -  top 10 speakers (first in the Security track)
TechEd 2014, USA – each session saw ~2000 people (4 sessions) – top 10 speakers
Microsoft NT Konferenca 2014, Slovenia – The Best Speaker
Microsoft WinDays14, Croatia – The Best Speaker
UTmessan 2014, Iceland – The Best Speaker
TechNet Conference 2013, Berlin, Germany – The Best Speaker
TechDays Estonia 2013 – The Best Speaker
Microsoft Technology Summit, Warsaw, Poland – 2nd place (3000 session attendees)
TechEd North America 2013 – top 10 (5000 session attendees)
TechEd Europe 2013 – 4th place (3000 session attendees)
TechEd North America 2013 (3000 people) – speaker;
TechFuse 2013 – 1st and 2nd place as a speaker (around 30 speakers)
TechDays Netherlands (500 people) – 1st place
TechDays Belgium (500 people) – 1st place
Teched North America 2012 (top 10), each session saw ~2000 people (3 sessions)
TechEd Europe 2012 (3rd place as a speaker), each session saw ~2000 people (3 sessions)
TechFuse 2012 – 1st and 2nd place as a speaker (around 40 speakers)
Microsoft Technology Summit – 1st and 2nd place as a speaker (one session 300 people, other 2000)
TechDays 2012 – Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius – in each edition I was 1st speaker (3x200 people)
2012 Cyber Crime Conference (60 people – government and security related attendees)
TechDays Belgium 2012 (500 people) – 3rd place
CyberCrime Security Forum 2011 (100 people)
TechEd Middle East 2011 (500 people) – 3rd place as a speaker
TechEd North America 2011 (4000 people) – (top 10)
TechDay Baltics 2011 (200 people) – 1st place in each country
Microsoft Vizija 2011 (600 people) – 1st place
Microsoft Synergija 2011 (300 people) – 1st place
IT Camp 2011 Romania (300 people) – 1st place and 2nd place
MCT Summit 2011 (250 people) – 1st place
RSA China 2011 (3000 people) – 1st place as a speaker
TechEd Russia 2011 (1000 people) – (top 10)
Security Day Iceland 2011 (500 people) – 1st place
Security Event Tallinn 2011 (100 people)
Security Event Riga 2011 (100 people)
Security Event Vilnius 2011 (100 people)
BiznisDan Serbia 2011 (100 people) – 1st place
ICE Lingen 2011 Germany (200 people) – 1st place
Teched North America 2010 (3000 people) – 2nd place as a speaker
TechEd Europe 2010 (1000 people)
TechDays the Netherlands (500 people) – 1st place
Microsoft Vizija 2010 (600 people) – 1st place
MCT Summit 2010 (200 people) – 3rd place
Teched North America 2009 (600 people)
TechEd Europe 2009 (600 people)
TechEd Europe 2008 (300 people)


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