Composable Infrastructure - Innovating in the Idea Economy - Marc Janssen

According to HPE CEO Meg Whitman, ‘Were now living in an idea economy where success is defined by the ability to turn ideas into value faster than your competition.

The data center is at the beginning of a transformation — a renaissance of sorts. No longer is the business willing to be shackled by inefficient, inflexible data center systems that impose delay into critical business objectives. Although IT has to maintain a number of existing line of business applications, it’s also being pushed into helping to support the new way of doing business in what is this so called ‘idea economy’, thus giving IT the ability to drive new business opportunities by quickly delivering revenue‐generating products, services, and experiences.

Instead of just providing technology to automate internal business processes, IT can now directly impact business strategy and revenues by creating software‐based services. A unified, high-level API extends the power of the infrastructure across the data center. Developers can now utilize infrastructure as code through the unified API as hardware and software are provisioned together via templates. In addition, the fully programmable interface integrates into dozens of popular management tools so the infrastructure can be revealed in different ways to different personnel depending on their role.

It’s with this definition in mind that we’d like to tell you about his new architecture and the Synergy platform that comes with it, as we move ahead.

Speaker: Marc Janssen  Marc Janssen HPE

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