Get serious on Pro-active security ! Implement a pro-active approach with Defendpoint to stop cyber attacks - Mark Peters

  • No matter how effective your training programs are, users are only human and they are and will not be experts in security.
  • Patching is an ongoing task and rollouts take time, creating multiple windows of opportunity for attacks.
  • Increasingly sophisticated attacks are leveraging common document types like Word and pdf, trusted websites are being compromised and data is being leaked.
  • Not to mention all the zero-day threats which are yet to be identified.

Protect the future, don't detect the past

Learn why a detection-based approach to security is flawed, and see a simpler and smarter alternative that stops malware from ever launching.

Stop ransomware!

During out demos we will show you how to win the fight against ransomware, with a proactive approach to defense in depth that will prevent you from being the next victim of attack.

Connect the security dots

Learn how to leverage Intel's security and the Data Exchange Layer (DXL) to join up your security solutions and apply more intelligence to decisions, all managed via your GPO, McAfee ePO or Avecto cloud infrastructure.

Session Level = 100-200

Speaker: Mark Peters Mark Peters

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