Managing App-V Environments: Infancy, Adolescence and Maturity - Howard Magill

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This session focusses on the next step after AppV has been adopted by the business. How to achieve gains from deployment on multiplatform environments with a focus on the pro’s and con’s of different deployment systems. The issues of AppV on Desktop, VDI and Citrix  across Multiple Domains are addressed. As is the use of the native appV management console, SCCM and Citrix for deployment.

App-V across multiple environments: 

  • Desktop
  • VDI
  • Citrix
  • Multiple Domains
  • Pro’s and Con’s of deploying App-V
    • Management Console
    • SCCM
      • App-V Environment
      • Application
      • Package
    • Citrix
  • Resources needed
  • Acceptance
    • Packagers
    • Help Desk
    • Sys Admins

Speaker: Howard Magill Howard Magill

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