Improve Security ?--> Apply Simplicity !- Erwin Derksen

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This session focusses on security and is a mix of technical and non-technical topics that serve the same purpose; inspire you to add more security to your environment.

With the adoption of 'anywhere accessible' cloud services, security gets a more dominant place on the agenda of both IT-guys and decision makers and we should be able to help them out. But we should never forget our on premise stuff. I will share my knowledge and expertise on hardening Microsoft environments where i often use just standard technology to rise the level of security. LAPS is a great addition to the toolbox to make Microsoft infrastructures much less vulnerable for common attacks and i will explain why it works and how to implement it.

An equally important aspect is the end user, which is often the biggest security hole one can imagine... i believe that an appropriate security level is a mix of user behavior and technology.

Inspire yourself to improve the security of your environment and join this session!

Speaker: Erwin Derksen Erwin Derksen

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