Package store - Quality. Quantity. Flexibility - Bob Kelly

Session Level = management session

One Vision, one Store, one Workflow with one Tool.Take the chance and grow with us and be part of our story. Our vision is to build up the most comprehensive software Package Store in the world with solutions and a market place. A place where every piece of existing software is available in each format, every time and at any place from within the cloud. Software packages which are not available yet, will be provided soon.Be a part of our mission! To realize our vision we will provide this store as an online platform that works in two ways: Buy software packages from Raynet or others and sell your own packages and benefit from an increasing amount of users and customers.

There will be one simple workflow for all software packagers, vendors as well as developers that guides you through the process. Your contribution and our mission help to establish a unified quality standard, based on industry best practices. Within this process, forming a community is our goal. A community with knowledge of deep packaging details including tips and tricks related to these topics. Raynet´s Packaging Suite includes powerful tools that automate and accelerate holistic packaging projects. It covers all the steps needed for this process: From compatibility checks of software applications and packages to the evaluation to the packaging and the subsequent quality control as well as to the clearly structured workflow management.A simple, high level testing and upload procedure to the Package Store is given. Raynet´s Packaging Suite will be provided for Package Store contributors.

Speaker: Bob Kelly  Bob Kelly

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