How Hackers can Scratch off Secrets and Juicy Password Credentials from the Disk - Paula Januszkiewicz

Session Level = 300

Do cached credentials bring any danger? Surprisingly your disk drive contains a lot of juicy information that can reveal a lot of secrets, history, and passwords! Yep – that’s right, the history of your passwords is not secure!

Join Security MVP, Paula Januszkiewicz and see what kind of information is being stored on your disk drive and how hackers are able to extract information that we think is ‘locked’ but in actuality is not. Paula will look at cached credentials in detail and the mechanisms that use passwords…and then show how to extract them. To prepare this session it took months to write the custom tools being shown – Paula will show the DPAPI Discovery during this live demonstration.

Speaker: Paula Januszkiewicz  Paula Januszkiewicz

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