Keynote - Think and Act Like a Hacker to Protect Your Company’s Assets - Paula Januszkiewicz

Session Level = 100-300

The reality today is as follows: attacks happen and they will happen as long as there are humans on this planet. However they should not happen if you protect your infrastructure properly. Is there a weakness right now in your IT security system? Wouldn't it be better to find it before an untrusted source or hacker does?

Even a small scale security breach could leave your business in poor condition. Every day, you can apply some basic behaviors to protect your company from attack. It is really surprising how often a hacker can use the same paths to enter your system! In the end, information security is not an IT department's problem, it is a business issue! Let’s put you into the hacker's role, and perform all the activities they would to better understand the threats.

During this interactive keynote, you will be presented with the following:
•               The tasks performed by hackers, or penetration testers, in order to check for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
•               The newest threats to the infrastructure with mitigation methods
•               Facts around management, monitoring and hardening as the most important things right now to perform the right information protection
•               New technologies that are needed to keep up with the evolving insecure world
•               A tips for implementing best practices

Join Paula in the journey to the darker side of IT security, and use this knowledge for making good decisions related to your systems.

Speaker: Paula Januszkiewicz  Paula Januszkiewicz

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