Automate your SQL Server installation with a few clicks with SCCM, PSADK and Matrix42- Jannik Hesse

Session Level = 300

How long does it take to learn how to automate SQL Server 2016? The TechNet article which describes this Topic has 46 pages (June 2016).

Jannik will show to you, how to automate the Installation with prepared PSADK-based Powershell script, SCCM and Matrix42 Enterprise Manager. With this solution you can get it fully automated, but every Installation-Task can be customized by the Database-Administrator.

This session not only shows you how to manage SQL Server, but gives you a perspective on how to manage and automate your whole datacenter and simplify it with "Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM

Speaker: Jannik Hesse Jannik Hesse

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