Setup Commander 2.0 - Above & Beyond - Roel van Bueren

Setup Commander 2.0 uses an 'as a service' infrastructure to provide support for the setups you use. For your vendor setup we provide a ‘Configuration Wizard’ which is based on ‘best practices’ and a Repackaging Wizard to virtualize if needed. This is done intuitively and quickly. Our wizards are updated daily based on customer and partner feedback. Not only the setup itself is properly configured, ‘best practices’ are brought in to prepare for traditional deployment using e.g. Microsoft ConfigMgr, RES Automation Manager, Dell KACE and Micro Focus ZENworks, but also for deployment using VDI and Application Layering solutions from Citrix, Unidesk and VMware. Additionally our ‘Setup Store’ offers the latest versions of the vendor setups you use, with a similar user experience to using App Stores in the mobile world.

Over the years Setup Commander has become the solution of choice for those who are responsible for Application Packaging and Application Deployment in the enterprise. Because of this ‘proven technology’, we’re able to work with great technology partners like Dell, Liquit, Micro Focus, RES and SparkleFlow who have chosen to either include our technology in their offerings or to distribute our solution with their solution. 

"Nullius in verba". Join CTO ‘Roel van Bueren’ from ROVABU Software in a technical deep-dive. Learn how the new ‘Configuration Wizards’ will save you hours and hours of (re)searching forums and packaging related websites. Learn how our ‘Setup Store’ gives you unlimited access to the vendor setups you use. Learn about how we will bring this solution to the cloud and into the world of automation. A place where we will deliver what you need from the store to your doorstep, saving you from even visiting the store.

Speaker: Roel van Bueren Roel van Bueren

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