Erwin Veenhoven

As Application Management Consultant and Trainer I help organisations determine the right tools and processes to get functionality (The Apps) out to the IT consumers and get information about usage available for decision makers.
Be it through Phone, Tablet, VDI, RDP or Desktops, key is to make it easy for IT Consumers to get their job done. No worrying what device to use. For decision makers It's all about maintaining compliance, keep up security and delivering ROI. Enabling them to deliver better quality services at lower cost by implementing smart systems and resilient processes to actively find and reduce waste and prevent failures.

I enjoy being comfortable at both creating a realistic design of BYOD that maintains vendor's software license compliance and building a deck of App-V packages for those pesky legacy apps blocking your Windows 8.1 or 10 migration.
This is not because I don't want to choose between strategy and operations. In my opinion you can't transfer (or sell) concepts if you can't explain them in simple terms; you'll never learn to explain them in these simple term unless you master the dirty details.

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