böger steffi

Ms. Stefanie Böger

Born and raised approx. 20km east of Paderborn, Stefanie has encountered her interest in IT back in the 80’s, when she touched a Commodore 64 for the very first time.

She started her development career in 2002 after completing her alternance. Working for Teamnet GmbH until 2013 some of her many tasks included development duties as well as customer and project management, however her core tasks were designing and implementing custom web-based database applications for medium-sized enterprises. This allowed her to sharpen her insight on efficient and sustainable solutions. Stefanie augmented her skill repertoire with experience in data privacy and data security management, adding studies regarding Business Informatics at the University of Hagen.

Within Raynet, Stefanie has been established as a highly efficient problem solver - her aptitude to analyze and streamline processes has successfully been applied to the company’s product release, quality assurance, and documentation management. Taking the coordinating lead for RayPack’s introduction on the market, she added an extra layer of gloss to Raynet’s brand new packaging framework.

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