Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson is an Architect specializing in cybersecurity, application compatibility, and modernizing software assets and portfolios for Windows and the Web.

He is Microsoft’s Worldwide Lead for Application Compatibility, specializing in Windows and Internet Explorer internals. Jackson is a widely recognized expert in the field of Application Compatibility, creating the technical documentation, training, and service offerings used inside and outside of Microsoft based on years of real-world experience with Enterprise customers and Independent Software Vendors. He is the author or co-author of numerous technical papers and articles on the subject of application compatibility, and a contributor to TechNet Magazine.  He is a featured speaker at major industry conferences around the world, including Microsoft’s TechEd, IT Forum, TechReady, and MMS. Jackson also publishes a popular blog at He joined Microsoft in 2004.

Prior to working at Microsoft, Jackson worked as a software developer and technical trainer, specializing in performance optimization of statistical computation. He designed and implemented an award-winning high-performance model of the automotive industry using conjoint analysis, and is the author of the Maritz Stats software from Maritz Research. Prior to beginning his career in technology, Jackson performed as a disc jockey.

Jackson graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 1995. His certifications include MCSD, MCAD, and MCP, and he is a former Microsoft Windows MVP.

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