Your Mobile Application Workforce powered by AirWatch - VMware (Tech Session) - Pascal Heldoorn

In an ever faster evolving technical world where the only constant is change, your organization will need to cope with the ever changing mobile workforce.
In this session we will discuss part of the End User Computing proposition of VMware with subjects like mobile device management, mobile device application, identity, certs and SSO to seamlessly offer a match made in heaven and provide a synergy of your business applications to enterprise and BYOD mobile devices.

Why do we have to think about data and information policies for unmanaged devices and personal applications in combination with enterprise applications and enterprise devices.

And what happens after we decide about the way we want to handling our application information and data streams for our mobile workforce, where do organizations still have control on personal operated devices, and when do your users?

And, as this is the most important for the users workforce: how about presenting all those applications to and using these on the mobile devices.

If you offer only VDI, I don’t want to use that on my Apple iPhone……. And you are totally right!
Learn how organizations can burn these challenges for your mobile application workforce with the help of AirWatch by VMware.

Speaker: Pascal Heldoorn

Your Mobile Application Workforce powered by AirWatch - VMware.

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