The future of applications and application virtualization? (Tech Session) - Alex Sweserijnen

In this session Alex Sweserijnen will discuss some of the hot and happening application and application virtualization techniques.

  • What about a Universal Windows Store with Universal Windows Applications and how might this affect App-V?
  • What are Windows Bridges?
  • Is MSI packaging dead?
  • But what about App-V 5.1… what are the new features?
  • Is Azure RemoteApp any good? And is App-V any good when it is used in Azure RemoteApp?
  • What are containers and is Microsoft doing anything with containers?
  • What is this Docker thing I keep hearing about?

All valid questions. Let Alex Sweserijnen show you what his view is on these questions. See if some of the new techniques are worth taking a look at.

 Speaker: Alex Sweserijnen

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