Demo on how to download, create, publish and deliver Applications with Liquit Workspace - Rens Kattenberg en Peter Hermeling

In our session all key topics of AppManagEvent will be discussed:
Application Virtualization, Device Management, Application Packaging and Software License optimisation.

Liquit AME15 session

Join us where we will start our demonstration by showing what value Liquit brings to the enduser: the single point of access for the user to all IT resources, applications, contacts and teams. The user will get a Consumer Style IT experience at work.

  • We will show how the IT department can create this new, innovative and universal way of delivering IT to the users. We will explain what infrastructure and backend is needed to configure Liquit Workspace.
  • We will demo how Liquit can merge all application platforms and IT resources into one single web interface for the users.
  • How to create packages and how these can be offered to the users through the Liquit Catalog.  
  • How you can granularly manage and control the Liquit workspaces with filters based on things like Registry, Environment Variables,  Services etc.
  • To conclude we will show personalisation, Team, dashboard and license management.

Speakers: Peter Hermeling en Rens Kattenberg

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