RayPack 2.0 - Modern Application Packaging at the speed of light (Tech Session) - Stefanie Böger / Marcin Otorowski

Contemporary application provisioning has to be fast and flawless, yet flexible towards ever changing technical requirements, and of course economical in terms of resource and manpower utilization.

Raynet has developed RayPack to empower packagers in their everyday struggle of taking these hurdles. This year’s session at AppManagEvent we will demonstrate how to increase your packaging factory productivity with the latest innovations of RayPack 2.0.
Is your factory Win 10 ready? Do you really have the swiftest procedures to deliver in time and budget? If you hesitate to give a full-throated “Absolutely!” without missing a beat - come over and see what RayPack can do for you.

Speakers: Stefanie Böger and Marcin Otorowski

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