PowerShell Desired State Configuration (Tech Session) - Jeff Wouters

 It works in environment 1 but not in 2, please investigate why and fix it. Have you ever been told this, or said it to anyone?

PowerShell Desired State Configuration is about solving this issue on an infrastructure level, the DevOps way.
Once you can enforce that both environments are deployed the exact same way, and enforce its configurations, you would be able to exclude the configuration of the environment as a cause of the problems, right?
Also, this technology is great for deploying a subset from an environment for testing purposes, instead of cloning multiple virtual machines and isolating them in a separate environment… or whatever other methodology that is used in order to create a development/test environment that is representative to the production environment.

Once you deploy your production environment based on the ‘infrastructure as code’ methodology, troubleshooting production environments becomes obsolete.
During this session I’ll show you how PowerShell Desired State Configuration works, explain its use-case and you’ll see why that last remark becomes a reality…

Speaker: Jeff Wouters

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