PowerShelling the Enterprise Desktop - Darwin Sanoy

PowerShell is just PowerShell, surely Darwin isn't going to try to make a case that the Desktop is special?  Yep, I am ;)  Here is my *short list* of things that end up causing you a lot more scripting time than you would ever guess ahead of time: Non-English OSes, 32 bit PowerShell execution on 64-bit, Running in specific user contexts (user profile files, registry, permissions), Running under management systems (System account),  explorer (logon script, run keys, double-click), local drive, UNC, network drive, multiple PowerShell versions, script dev environment versus production, non-company machines (BYOD/Contractor).

You can either discover these speed bumps as you go (and re-discover them on each new script), or build script templates that always account for these challenges.  This session will talk about the key issues you should pay attention to and then dig through lots of code bits!

Speaker: Darwin Sanoy

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