“The Bare Necessities” of managing App-V 5.0 (Tech.Session) - Alex Sweserijnen

There are several graphics oriented programs for managing an App-V client and sequencer. Alex takes the audience back to the basics;

The Bare Necessities (*) of managing App-V 5.0.

Only the use of PowerShell is enough to go through a complete lifecycle of a virtual application. And that is exactly what will be shown in this session. A very interesting workshop and need to know for every virtualization specialist. Alex will share his favorite PowerShell scripts on a USB stick for every visitor.

(*) You can consider the "bare necessities" as the minimum things needed, things that you cannot dispense with, things that you cannot survive or function without. "Bare" emphasizes that you eliminate as much as possible: there is nothing "extra." The list of necessities has been stripped bare; every item in that list is vital or indispensable.

Speaker: Alex Sweserijnen

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