Streamlining the Application Readiness Process in today’s complex Enterprise environments - James Baker

IT professionals have always had to adapt to change, but it is increasingly important in today’s digital business to keep applications continually updated and ready to deploy in any environment. With upwards of 30% of an enterprise application portfolio requiring updates annually - a number that is increasing due to mobile apps. The increasing complexity of computing platforms in today’s organizations is motivating IT to find better ways to deliver everyday application services and keep up with ongoing migrations.

In this session James Baker will present AdminStudio 2014's latest functionality including mobile compatibility and risk assessment and how the integration with Flexera's License Optimization solution and Self-service App Portal provides an end to end solution enabling an efficient, streamlined approach from application request through to self service delivery to the end device.

Presented by: James Baker

about improving the Application Readiness Service Delivery highlighting industry changes driving needs for efficiency and integration with business processes and walk through maturity model.
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