The rise and fall and rise of Virtualisation (Tech.Session) - Greg Lambert

The delights and frustrations of technology are such that with each wave of progress, a new set of issues come to light. In this session, Qompat's CEO Greg Lambert will reflect on the early history and technical challenges encountered in the process of migrating desktop, and sometimes server environments, to virtualised platforms.

Following the introduction of Microsoft App-V, Symantec's SWV, and VMWare ThinApp, he will outline the individual and collective compatibility, suitability, and quality issues that enterprise/organisations are confronted with as they endeavour to migrate their application portfolio to a virtualised platform. "We thought we could virtualise everything - but we couldn't. We thought we would save money - but we didn't. We believed we could simplify our management systems - but it turned out to be far more complex".

Now that both the industry and technologies have matured, Greg will discuss the best ways for your virtualisation to be implemented and automated. 

Speaker: Greg Lambert

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